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    Tips for Easing Contentious Child Custody Conflicts

    Last updated 7 days ago

    Divorce is a difficult ordeal; however, it’s far more challenging for the kids. In fact, research has shown that emotionally charged child custody problems can lead to long-term issues for the child, including an increased risk of dropping out of school, behavior issues, and mental health concerns. Fortunately, such problems are not inevitable. As you work with a divorce attorney on your child custody case, take steps to ensure the negotiations do not adversely affect the child.

    Put the Child’s Best Interests First

    When a marriage ends in divorce, it’s no surprise that the ex-spouses have unresolved issues between them. Often, the difficult situation gives way to outright anger and hostility. Just remember that the problems you have with your ex-spouse are between the two of you and do not involve your child. You may be able to ease a contentious child custody conflict by informing your ex-spouse that you intend to put the child’s best interests first and that you would appreciate it if he or she would do the same. When considering what your child’s best interests actually are, set aside your own emotions and consider his or her needs. For example, if you work long hours during the week and your ex does not, it may be best if you have the child on the weekends while your ex becomes the custodial parent.

    Consider Long-Term Parenting Issues

    Child custody agreements can be modified in court; however, it’s best to plan for a long-term arrangement. For example, although it may be tempting to limit communication between you and your ex in this agreement, limited communication can pose difficulties down the road.

    Avoid Making Derogatory Remarks

    Child custody agreements typically include a provision that prohibits each parent from making derogatory remarks about the other in front of the child. It’s best to follow this practice even before the agreement is established. Speaking neutrally or positively about the other parent in front of your child will support his or her emotional health.


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    What Are Your Road Rights and Responsibilities as a Cyclist?

    Last updated 16 days ago

    In all states in the U.S., bicyclists have the same rights and responsibilities as do those driving vehicles. Following the rules of the road can reduce the risk of traffic accidents. When bicycling in an urban area, you should always exercise lane control by cycling in the middle of the right-hand lane. 

    When you watch this video, you’ll see two cyclists demonstrating how to ride a bike safely in traffic. These bicyclists demonstrate how to make a left turn with and without a left-hand turn lane. They also demonstrate the proper technique to signal a lane change. This prevents motorists from passing you unsafely and it also reduces the risk of road hazards such as doors opening from parked cars.

     If you were injured in a traffic accident, contact the personal injury lawyers of Fox and Fox in Montgomery County. You can schedule a consultation with one of our experienced personal injury lawyers by calling (888) 480-1439.

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