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    What Parents Need to Know About Child Custody Evaluations

    Last updated 20 hours ago

    A child custody evaluation may be necessary if the parties cannot agree upon a visitation and custody plan. This is a process by which an evaluator, who is usually a mental health professional, reviews all relevant information to determine what is in the best interests of the child. It’s natural to be nervous about your upcoming interview with the evaluator. Talk to your divorce lawyer about what you can expect. Your divorce lawyer can also give you some tips on what you should and shouldn’t say.

    Understanding the Evaluation Process

    Each evaluator approaches the process differently. In general; however, he or she may interview each parent two to three times, separately. The evaluator will interview the child a few times and observe the child’s interactions with both parents. He or she may speak to other relevant parties, such as pediatricians, teachers, and childcare workers. After conducting these interviews and reviewing relevant documents, the evaluator provides the court with written recommendations about a parenting plan.

    Talking to Your Kids

    Kids may be a little confused by the evaluation process. It’s a good idea to forewarn them about what they can expect; however, use vague language. For example, let them know that the evaluator wants to learn about your family. Divorce lawyers strongly recommend against coaching children about what to say.

    Preparing for the Evaluation

    Your divorce lawyer can help you prepare for your interviews. Understand that what you say will not be held in confidence. Consider what you will say about your parenting style and what you believe to be in the child’s best interests.

    Talking with the Evaluator

    Divorce lawyers advise against disparaging your spouse during the interview. Discuss both positive and negative issues regarding your spouse’s parenting style, and try to be as fair as possible. Be honest when answering your questions, and be clear when stating your custody and visitation preferences.

    At Fox and Fox, our experienced divorce lawyers provide extensive counseling services to our clients. We’ll let you know what to expect from each step of the divorce process and we’ll provide expert advice on dealing with issues such as child custody evaluations. You can call our family law firm in Montgomery County at (888) 480-1439 with any questions you may have. 

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    What If your Dog Bites Someone?

    Last updated 10 days ago

    It’s always best to keep your dog on a leash whenever you are out in public, and confined to the yard or home at other times. However, even with these precautions, some dog owners are faced with the problem of their dog biting someone. When this happens, there are a few steps you need to take right away. Then, you can contact a personal injury lawyer. Your personal injury lawyer can let you know if you need to take any additional steps to protect yourself.

    Confine the Dog

    Immediately after the incident, remove your dog from the area. Confine your pet to a crate or to your home, away from the bite victim.

    Assist the Victim

    Offer your assistance to the bite victim. You can help that person wash and dress the injury. You can also offer to escort the victim to a clinic or to call for medical assistance. If the bite is severe and the damage appears significant, it may be best to call for an ambulance.

    Exchange Contact Information

    Exchange contact information with the bite victim. You can also provide the bite victim with your insurance information. However, while conversing with that individual, avoid making any statements that may be used against you in court. Avoid admitting or attributing blame for the incident, for example.

    Contact Other Parties

    Once you have attended to the bite victim, it’s time to contact other parties about the incident. Call a personal injury lawyer for advice on dog bite laws in your area. Your lawyer can explain any other measures you need to take to protect yourself in the event the bite victim decides to file a complaint. You’ll also need to contact your veterinarian and obtain your dog’s health records to prove he or she is up-to-date on vaccinations. Call the local animal control department, explain the situation, and comply with any orders they issue.

    The personal injury department at Fox and Fox has a proven track record of favorable outcomes for our clients. If your dog has bitten someone in Montgomery County, contact our personal injury lawyers right away at (888) 480-1439. Our personal injury lawyers can advise you as to the next steps you should take and how to protect yourself from liability.

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    Should You Get a Prenuptial Agreement?

    Last updated 20 days ago

    Prenuptial agreements are often looked upon unfavorably as a conveyance of cynicism regarding the future of the impending marriage. However, they are a means of protecting the financial assets of both future spouses. You and your fiancé can view a prenuptial agreement as being mutually beneficial. Prenups are often thought of as necessary only for those with substantial financial means. However, they can benefit you and your fiancé even if you have not yet accumulated significant wealth and assets. Prenups can safeguard your future assets, such as inheritances you expect to receive later down the road.

    If you or your fiancé have children from a previous relationship, getting a prenup is a wise decision. Doing so can ensure that your children will inherit your assets in the event of a divorce. This type of document is also a means of keeping family heirlooms and similar property within your family. You can even use a prenup to protect each other from debt liability. For example, if your fiancé is entering the marriage with credit card debt, you can use the prenup to exclude yourself from liability for that debt.

    At Fox and Fox, our divorce attorneys can answer any questions you may have about family law, including prenuptial agreements. To schedule an appointment to create a prenup, call our law firm in Montgomery County at (888) 480-1439.


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